Nigel Evans MP
Chairman Business Committee

The Indo-British Enterprise Partnership has been established in recognition of the growing two-way trade between India and the United Kingdom. There is enormous potential for investment and trade between the UK and India and today two-way trade, including invisible, now stands at about £4 billion per year.

The cornerstones of an increasingly global economy of the future will be partnerships, knowledge sharing and technology partnerships. There is enormous potential for India and UK companies to thicken and strengthen commercial relations.

There have been dramatic changes in India in the past decade. From its centuries old record as one of the world’s most unchanging nations, India has been moving into rapid economic and political transformation. Economic liberalisation has brought in foreign goods, investment and competition, and it has also generated impressive entrepreneurial skills in India itself. The government of India appears to be committed to reforms that matter most; public sector privatisation, infrastructure projects, insurance, banking and other financial reforms as well as seeking to encourage high-tech initiatives like e-commerce.

Britain is India’s third largest new investor since 1990 and is India’s second largest trading partner. Possible key sectors for increasing investment and trade are wide and they include petrochemicals, power, water, construction, infrastructure, information technology, insurance, banking, auto components, engineering, and other financial services, but also fashion, film making, design, legal services and tourism. Not surprising that India is experiencing a fast increase in foreign direct investment.

The Indo-British Enterprise Partnership is particularly keen to strengthen and thicken relations between medium-sized and growing companies in the UK and India. The Forum has a very experienced and committed team of business people on its committee who together with a wide range of other advisers want to make sure that there is the maximum synergy, business and commercial activity and trade between India and the United Kingdom.